In comprehension to the cause of gender disparity and gender issues, University of Mumbai set up the guidelines for formulation of Women Development Cell at University Level in 2001. The Women Development Cell was constituted in our college in the year 2013. As per the direction of the then Vice chancellor of Mumbai University, the College Women Development Cell (CWDC) is constituted as per the guidelines

The committee consists of a

1) The Principal of the college as ex officio President of the Cell
2) Senior member as the Convener who shall be a women faculty member nominated by the Principal.
2) One faculty member other than the convener and one woman non teaching employees nominated by the Principal.
3) One women NGO member associated to the cause of women nominated by the Principal.
4) At least one of the members shall be a person representing reserved category nominated by the Principal.
5) Students representative from the student council representing women student council of the college nominated by the Principal.

and 50% of the total members should be women.

The objective of the College Women Development Cell

The Cell was constituted to deal with the complaints pertaining to sexual harassment of women at workplace but with the constitution of Internal Complaints Committee at college level the Cell now focuses on the activities related to training, women empowerment, social awareness regarding gender discrimination and prevention of sexual harassment at workplace.

Responsibilities of College Women Development Cell in understanding to the presence of an Internal Complaints Committee to address the complaints of women related to sexual harassment.

1) In the event of non functionality of the Internal Complaints Committee of the college, all the responsibilities defined under the head of responsibilities of Internal Complaints Committee will have to be addressed by the College Women Development Cell.
2) To depute members of the CWDC to attend and participate in the workshops and training programs arranged by University Cell for CWDC members.
3) To arrange for the activities in college related to training, women empowerment, social awareness regarding gender discrimination and prevention of sexual harassment at workplace as per the guidelines of the University WDC.
4) To exercise powers and perform such other functions and to do all such activities and things as may be conferred or imposed on the cell by the directions of the University WDC.


Name Designation
Dr. Ganesh S. Kame - I/c Principal Ex-Officio Secretary
Dr. Sayed Shagufta - Assoc. Prof. Civil Convener & President
Mrs. Rehana Jamadar - Asstt. Prof. EXTC Member
Mr. S. M. Wajihuddin - Registrar Member
Mrs. Farida Shaikh - Head Clerk Member
Mr. Mohite Dilip - Sr. Clerk Member
Ms. Rehana Ahmed - Women Representative from NGO Member
Ms. Needa Avesh Shaikh - T.E. Comp - Girl Student Representative Member