SACE is a body which is truly working in a democratic set up” For the students”, “By the students” and “Of the students” It is working for the extracurricular activities at the college level .

Our Vision

  • Promotion of Extracurricular activities among the students
  • Promoting a platform truly working in a democratic set up” For the students”, “By the students” and “ Of the students”.
  • Inculcating the organizing skills with accommodating the fellow students respect, feelings and abilities.
  • To develop the leadership qualities among students.

Our Mission

  • Providing students an opportunity to organize , conduct and manage their very own activities
  • To make students aware about election and formation of student’s body through a democratic manner.
  • Providing students a platform to organize events / festivals to showcase their talents in extracurricular activities.

Role of SACE


SACE is a body which elected from the Bonafide students of the respective academic year and it is suppose to work under the guidance of faculty members, the SACE coordinator and two chairpersons for cultural and sports . The structure is as follows.

Currently the staff members involved are

1. SACE coordinator: Dr. Iqbal Shaikh
2. Chairperson Sports : Dr . Asarar Pathan
3. Chairperson Cultural : Ms. Nafisa Mapari

The SACE is arranging two festivals each year :

1. Ambrosia which is a three days event for cultural activities
2. Aspire which is a sports event for three days

Blood Donation Activity is arranged by society of department on rotation basis under the guidance of SACE Coordinator each year in association with Nair Hospital Mumbai


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