The realization of society formation in Civil Engineering Department was initiated by Head of the dept. Prof. Zaheer Khan and Civil Engineering Society was founded in the year 2000 then named as construction engineering society since it was formed by students of Construction Engineering branch.

The objective of this society is to impart technical knowledge among the civil engineering students.

Unanimously decision was made by the department that the society to achieve its aim needs to be branched under three major committees.

1) Seminar and Lecture committee for conducting technical academic instructions so as to bring to the knowledge of students the recent skills, methods, and processes used in civil engineering .

2) Industrial and Site Visit committee proposes to benefit the students with the knowledge of actual working methods and machine operation for construction work. The committee also aims to impart the knowledge of the manufacturing processes of products that are made in industrial plants and used in construction activities.

3) Editorial board is formed for the publication of biannual newsletter titled as “TAMEER”. The newsletter compiles all the activities and achievements by Civil Engineering Department during the semester. It also publishes few technical and non technical articles.

The President of the society is our principal and chairman is the head of the department. A faculty is nominated for the society from the department as treasurer. Applications are invited for the post of General Secretary and Joint General Secretary from students of final year and third year respectively. The other representatives of students for various committees are nominated as volunteers as per their interest in the objective of the said committee.


Name Designation
Dr. Ganesh Kame President
Prof. Zaheer Khan Chairman
Prof. Asif M. Ansari Treasure
Mr. Khan Abdul Tawaf [B.E.] General Secretary
Ms. Palekar Areej [B.E.] Joint General Secretary
Mr. Parab Rutvik [T.E.] Joint General Secretary
  • Dr. G.S. Kame
  • Prof. A.G. Dabli
  • Prof. A.R. Khan
  • Prof. Asif M. Ansari
  • Mr. Choudhary Owais (B.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Asim(B.E.)
  • Mr. Khan Anas (B.E.)
  • Mr. Taher Rajkotwala (B.E.)
  • Mr. Inamdar Azim Baba (B.E.)
  • Mr. Juwari Ammar Asrar (B.E.)
  • Mr. Kapadia Hamza (B.E.)
  • Mr. Mustafa Tinwala(T.E.)
  • Mr. Mayur Hoshmani (T.E.)
  • Mr. Sahil Shah(S.E.)
  • Mr. Khan Noman(S.E.)
  • Mr. Omkar Birwadkar(S.E.)
  • Mr. Patil Gaurav Bhaskar (S.E.)
  • Mr. Raut Hrishikesh (S.E.)
  • Mr. Parab Rushank (S.E.)
  • Ms. Poonam Satvekar(S.E.)
  • Mr. Vanu Fardeen Farook (S.E.)
  • Prof. M. Rafi Khan
  • Dr. Shagufta Sayed
  • Prof. Uma Kale
  • Prof. D.M. Chainani
  • Mr. Khalife Ali (B.E.)
  • Mr. Inamdar Azim (B.E.)
  • Mr. Khan Munaf (B.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Moinuddin (B.E)
  • Mr. Khan Tarique (T.E.)
  • Mr. Quraishi Md Sohel (T.E.)
  • Mr. Asif Sayyed (S.E.)
  • Mr. Sawant Tushar (S.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Amir Ahmed (S.E.)
  • Mr. M. Ruhul Amin (S.E.)
  • Mr. Pathan Fazeel Khan(S.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Farhan(S.E.)
  • Mr. Swami Suraj (S.E.)
  • Mr. Mandar Gosavi (S.E.)
  • Mr Haider Jariwala(S.E.)
  • Ms. Kerale Ketki (S.E.)
  • Mr. Ansari Danish Shakil (S.E.)
  • Mr. Khan Rashid (S.E.)
  • Prof. Zaheer Khan
  • Prof. Asif M. Ansari
  • Prof. Rabia Sameen
  • Prof. Atiya Banu
  • Prof. Shabbir G. Burhanpurwala
  • Mr. Avesh Ahmed M.A.(B.E.)
  • Mr. Khan Abdul Tawaf (B.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Aatif (B.E.)
  • Ms. Palekar Areej (B.E.)
  • Mr. Thim Abdul Rehman (B.E.)
  • Mr. Ansari Hassan (B.E.)
  • Mr. Lokhande Atharva (T.E.)
  • Mr. Chaitanya Kamat (T.E.)
  • Mr. Shaikh Mohd Nafees(S.E.)
  • Mr. Roge Niranjan Rajendra(S.E.)
  • Mr. Gaikwad Satyam(S.E.)
  • Mr. Thorat Prathmesh Santosh (S.E.)


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