The realization of society formation in the Civil Engineering Department was initiated by the Head of the Dept. Prof. Zaheer Khan and Civil Engineering Society was established in the year 2000 then named as construction engineering society since it was formed by students of the Construction Engineering branch.


The objective of this society is to impart technical knowledge among the civil engineering students and empower civil engineers to lead in innovation and sustainability, forging a future where infrastructure serves communities.


A unanimous decision was made by the department that the society to achieve its aim needs to be branched under Seven major committees.


a)      Management Committee: Members are nominated students of B.E and T.E civil engineering department.


b)       Administrative department: The appointed seven members of the Committee will be responsible for maintaining accurate records of society activities, meetings, and financial transactions, while also overseeing administrative tasks, coordinating meetings, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements.


c)      Event Management Committee: The Event Management Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and executing various events and activities that align with the society's goals and objectives, ensuring to run it smoothly and efficiently.


d)      Social Media Committee: The Social Media Committee is responsible for promoting society events and initiatives through various online platforms, engaging the community, and creating a positive online presence.


e)      Creative Department: The Creative Committee is responsible for infusing creativity into all society initiatives. This includes visual design, artistic concepts, and the creation of compelling content to engage the community effectively.


f)       Public Relation Department: The Public Relations Committee is responsible for enhancing the society's reputation and visibility through effective PR strategies, media communication, and stakeholder engagement.


g)      Photography:  The Photography Committee is responsible for capturing and documenting visual content for society events and promotions. This includes photography and multimedia content creation.




All the members for the management committee are nominated from the students of B.E and T.E. Head Of the Department Prof. Zaheer Khan, the decision maker of the committee and faculty lead Prof. Shabbir Burhanpurwala in-charge of management committee. The President for 2023-24 of the society is Mr. Sajjad Sayyed. The chairman of our committee is Mr. Rehan Naik. General Secretary is Mr. Shaikh Mohammed Adil and Mr. Zabir Badshah as treasurer. Applications are invited for the post of Heads from students of final year and third year. The other representatives of students for various committees are nominated as volunteers as per their interest in the objective of the said committee.