MHSSCOE-ACM is a student chapter of ACM(Association for Computing Machinery), the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. MHSSCOE-ACM was established in 2014 under the guidance of teachers and with dedication of the students of IT department. Since then, this committee aims to strengthen the students collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. It is a team of students who strive to organize and manage various technical and extra-curricular events, workshops and competition. MHSSCOE-ACM gives the undergraduates a platform to work on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The committee consists of various teams (like; technical, social, cultural, sports, design) which allow the students to explore their qualities and in turn help them to build a strong personal


Designation Name
Faculties :
Convenor and President Dr. Zainab Mirza
Vice President Er. Shrinidhi A. Gindi
Treasurer Er. Vikas Baloda
Executive committee :
Chairperson Ayan Shaikh
Vice Chairperson Muzzakir Siddique
Secretary Janhvi Shirodkar
Treasurer Sadiya Phudinawala
Joint Secretary Wasim Jasani
Joint Treasurer Fazal Parkar
Selected Executive committee :
Event Manager Saad Vadnagara
Joint Event Manager Mohd Mahdi Allarakhia
Logistic Head Mustafa Chamadiya
Joint Logistic Head Anees Khan
Sponsorship Head Aafiya Shaikh
Joint Sponsorship Head Muzammil Baloch
President Coders Clique Arshad Shaikh
Vice President Coders Clique Parvej Shaikh
Joint vice President Coders Clique Maariya Kanche
Technical Co-ordinator Kutubkhan Merchant
PR Head Ashmita Shah
Joint PR Head Sheikh Moiz
Web Master Fawzah Sayed
Social Media Head Iqra Shaikh
Joint Social Media Head Naser Shaikh
Creative Head Firdos Shaikh
Joint Creative Head Aamena Shaikh
Social Head  Fatima Shaikh
Joint Social Head  Sankalp Jagdale
Editorial  Head Saniya Farzin
Joint Editorial Husna Shaikh
Cultural Head Rupali Pal
Joint Cultural Nisarga Pahune
P&D Head Husain Sidhpurwala
Joint P&D Lamiya Rampurawala
Sports Head Ismail Khan
Joint Sports Head Abraar Mahimi
Coders Clique :
President coders clique Arshad Shaikh
Vice president coders clique Parvej Shaikh
Joint vice president coders clique Maariya Kanche
Technical co-ordinator Kutubkhan Merchant
Member Sahil Mohammad Mustakim Chaudhari
Member Viraj Sawant
Member Khan Arzaan Ali Iqbal Ali
Member Zaid Abbas kazmi
Member Farhan Haider Rizvi
Member Misba Mujawar
Public Relation Team :
PR Head Abdul Rehman Soorya
Joint PR Head Sheikh Moiz
Member Danish Shaikh
Member Farhan Haider Rizvi
Member Rashid Ghansar
Member Moiz Sheikh
Member Ashmiza Shah
Web Development Team :
Web Master Fawzah Sayyed
Member Nouman Sayed
Member Zaid Mujahid
Member Mohd Faisal
Member Mohd Nadeem
Member Hamdan Rais Patel
Member Sameer Shaikh
Creative Team :
Creative Head Firdos Shaikh
Joint Creative Head Aamena Shaikh
Member Shruti Pendem
Member Sneha Yadav
Member Rugba Shaikh
Member Shaima Ansari
Member Sanika Modak
Social Team :
Social Head  Fatima Shaikh
Joint Social Head  Sankalp Jagdale
Member Ayaan Sayyed
Member Misbah Qadri
Member Anas Shaikh
Editorial Team :
Editorial  Head Saniya Farzin
Joint Editorial Head Husna Shaikh
Member Husain Vasanwala
Member Sahuf Shaikh
Member Danish Shaikh
Cultural Team :
Cultural Head Rupali Pal
Joint Cultural Head Nisarga Pahune
Member Shweta Patil
Member Khan Arshad
Member Fasahate Abdul Rehman
Member Shaikh Kainaat
P&D Team :
P&D Head Husain Sidhpurwala
Joint P&D Head Lamiya Rampurawala
Member Shams Dalwai
Member Misba Mujawar


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Inauguration Website

ACM Chapter ( IT Department) promotes Leadership Skills, Communication Skills and Mnagement Skills in Students. Heartiest congratulations to our Proud ACM Executive officers for organising ACM Mumbai Hackathon in collaboration with 5 different colleges of Mumbai University

Industrial Visit to I-Medita’s – Cisco Partner in Pune on 3rd October 2019 where students were shown Networking Devices and its working

Inauguration Ceremony

Independence Day