MHSSCOE-ACM is a student chapter of ACM(Association for Computing Machinery), the world's largest educational and scientific computing society. MHSSCOE-ACM was established in 2014 under the guidance of teachers and with dedication of the students of IT department. Since then, this committee aims to strengthen the students collective voice through strong leadership, promotion of the highest standards, and recognition of technical excellence. It is a team of students who strive to organize and manage various technical and extra-curricular events, workshops and competition. MHSSCOE-ACM gives the undergraduates a platform to work on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The committee consists of various teams (like; technical, social, cultural, sports, design) which allow the students to explore their qualities and in turn help them to build a strong personal

Committee AY 2023-24

Position Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Chairperson Mohd Mahdi Allarakhia BE.IT
Vice Chairperson Aamena Wasiuddin shaikh TE.IT
Treasurer Fazal Parkar BE.It
Secretary Husna Shaikh BE.IT
Jt. Secretary Lamiya Rampurawala T.E. – I.T. 9167443934
Jt. Treasurer Mohammad Maaz Shaikh T.E. – I.T. 8451845193
President Coders Clique Wasim Bahadurali Jasani B.E. – I.T 9867735957
VP Coders Clique Kutubkhan Merchant B.E. – I.T. 7083238753
Jt. VP – Coders Clique Zufiya Idrisi T.E. – I.T. 8355932003
Event Manager Moiz Mojahid Sheikh B.E. – I.T. 8840630557
Jt. Event Manager Mohammad Sahuf Zahid Shaikh T.E. – I.T. 8422940235
Editorial Head Husain Huzaifa Vasanwala T.E. – I.T. 8169762545
Jt. Editorial Head Bushra Shaikh T.E. – AI-ML 9820683518
Sports Head Abraar Mahimi B.E. – I.T. 9967824010
Jt. Sports Head Nehal Shaikh S.E. – I.T. 7710956956
Creative Head Zaid Shaikh T.E. – I.T. 9372579585
Jt. Creative Head Aaliyah Javed Shaikh T.E. – AI-ML 8976290295
PR Head Owesh Mehmood Chaiwala B.E. – AI-ML 7718018404
Jt. PR Head Mohd Abubakkar Mohd Shaikh S.E. – I.T. 9326565294
Social Media Head Mohammed Naser Mansoor Shaikh B.E. – I.T. 9892871572
Jt. Social Media Head Ammar Imran Siddiqui T.E. – I. T. 8104244230
Cultural Head Nisarga Pahune B.E. – I.T. 9322240401
Jt. Cultural Head Neha Yadav T.E. – AI-ML 7304209588
P&D Head Ayesha Mabroor Sayyed B.E. – I.T. 9619901841
Jt. P&D Head Arman Masroof Shaikh S.E. – I.T. 7208746074
Sponsorship Head Hussain Sidhpurwala B.E. – I.T. 9152725019
Jt. Sponsorship Head Mohamed Salman Shaikh T.E. – I.T. 9137220199
Technical Coordinator Viraj Vilas Sawant B.E. – I.T. 9967892450
Jt. Technical Coordinator Arzaan Ali Khan T.E. – I.T. 7021307474
Logistics Head Mohd Fahad Abid Pinjari B.E. – I.T. 9022010886
Jt. Logistics Head Mohd. Jawad Naqvi T.E. – I.T. 8218994855
Social Head Sankalp Sanjay Jagdale T.E. – I.T. 9769165299
Jt. Social Head Ayaan Sayed T.E. – I.T. 8454902834
Webmaster Dawood Mohammed Arif Khatri B.E. – I.T. 8169008712
Team members:

Technical/ Coders Clique:

Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Sameer Shaikh T.E. – I.T. 8104862755
Aazen Sayyed T.E. – I.T. 9867037675
Sufiyan Ahmed Kazi S.E. – I.T. 9152634585
Zaid Kazmi T.E. – I.T. 9892901011

Event Manager:

Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Sameer Sahu T.E. – I.T. 9987033064
Hamaas Khan S.E. – AI-ML 9326594660


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Siddhik Sharif Khatik T.E. – AI-ML 7972489726


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Mohammad Nawed Khan S.E. - AI-ML 9967555958


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Mohd. Warish Khan S.E. – I.T. 7700044104
Ghawte Mohammed Aqdas S.E. – I.T. 8898049895
Sampada Bhosale S.E. – I.T. 8329655704
Asad Shaikh S.E. – I.T. 9168274756
Muaviyah Javed Shelia S.E. – I.T. 9820218924


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Hassan Irfan Shaikh S.E. – I.T. 9987284362
Mohammed Shayan Siddique S.E. – I.T. 9321767989


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Afshan Khatri S.E. – AI-ML 9152549454
Shariq Farooqui S.E. – AI-ML 8657514278


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Rohit Sanjay Patil B.E. – I.T. 9137144269
Sahil Tahir Khan B.E. – I.T. 9359622813
Nouman Sayed B.E. – I.T. 7506037276


Name Branch -Year Phone no.
Shaima Ansari T.E. – I.T. 9819446522


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ACM Chapter ( IT Department) promotes Leadership Skills, Communication Skills and Mnagement Skills in Students. Heartiest congratulations to our Proud ACM Executive officers for organising ACM Mumbai Hackathon in collaboration with 5 different colleges of Mumbai University

Industrial Visit to I-Medita’s – Cisco Partner in Pune on 3rd October 2019 where students were shown Networking Devices and its working

Inauguration Ceremony

Independence Day