SAEINDIA collegiate club was formed in year 2002 in the department of Automobile Engineering under the banner of Society of Automotive Engineers, India. The very purpose of this Club is to form a technical body for knowledge dissemination, practical exposure & skill development of students, and faculty of Auto Engineering Dept as well as college as a whole. Ours is the oldest collegiate club in the western India section.

SAEINDIA Collegiate clubs offer its student members a platform to organize programs, seminar workshop and other activities in order to shape and mould the students as a leader in their area. SAEINDIA student members are also entitled to many of the services available to SAEINDIA’s regular members free/subsidized workshops, webinar and guest lectures etc.

The students are also encouraged to participate in flagship events of SAEINDIA, such as m-BAJA, e-BAJA, student FORMAULA racing and SUPRA etc. These events are found to develop the overall personality of the students.

Committee Structure

SAEINDIA collegiate club comprises of various committees and its office bearer to carry out their individual responsibilities. The Collegiate Club executive committee holds regular meetings to discuss Club management, Club programs and matters of interest and concern to the general members. The student officers are usually elected before the end of the academic year by August.

Name Designation
Sayed Muntaha (BE) Chairperson
Maurya Shashank (TE) Vice Chairperson
Shetty Siddhant (TE) Vice Chairperson
Lakdawala Mustafa (TE) Secretary
Nare Sailee (TE) Jt. Secretary
Sadriwala Mustansir (TE) Jt. Secretary
Lakade Prajakta (BE) Treasure
Name Designation
Khan Moin (TE) Convener
Shaikh Abdul Aziz (TE) Member
Patil Sanket (SE) Member
Sawant Pranav (SE) Member
Yewale Omkar (SE) Member
Ansari Danish (SE) Member
Suhel Ahmed (SE) Member
Name Designation
Tarwala Farhan (TE) Convener
Lakdawala Ali Asgar (SE) Member
Dhankawala Ahmed (SE) Member
Khan Adil (SE) Member
Baig Sadiq (SE) Member
Name Designation
Chougle Mohd Afaque (TE) Convener
Sayed Adil (SE) Member
Taibani Mohd Talha (SE) Member
Qureshi Bilal (SE) Member
Mujawar Md. Asbah (TE) Member
Kamble Vrushali (TE) Member
Sayed Yusauf (TE) Member
Name Designation
Ansari Hanzla (TE) Convener
Khan Rizwan (SE) Member
Khan Murtuza (SE) Member
Fakhi Arif (TE) Member
Khan Ali (TE) Member
Name Designation
Jadhav Ravina(TE) Convener
Potdar Hardik (SE) Member
Patil Omkar (SE) Member
Baig Shaheen (SE) Member
Shaikh Shadab (SE) Member
Yadav Kshitij (SE) Member


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