EDC Reports 2018-19

A seminar was organized by EDC for aspiring engineers to explain them the idea behind motivating students to opt for Entrepreneurship rather than opting for jobs. The speaker Mr. ShekharPawar introduced himself and talk about how he resigned and opted for his first Start-up “DrassDew IT Solutions” and shared his journey about how he became an entrepreneur from an employee.

The speaker Mr. Tabish Sangrar share journey for his first Start-up “Wellness Forever” with respect to marketing, Business plan etc.He is alumina of Saboo Siddik college from computer engineering dept. He inspire student regarding what are the opportunity and threats in Start-up.

To improve the quality of investment and risk IPL Auction 2019 event was organized in EDC week 2019. Eight teams were participated in a IPL Auction and every team was given a purse of 60 CRS. Each team have to make a squad of exact 11 players (4 bowlers & 7 batsmen) by bidding. Team should not cross the purse limit (60crs). Each player will be having some Ratings (out of 100) and base price. Ratings will not be shown to the participants. Team has to bid for the players and also have to retain some amounts.

Food stall is a best startup in Mumbai. Learning of Less investment, customer requirement, best menu and more profit is created in student by using business carnival (stall competition), Total 45 stalls were organized and best stall selected on the basis of more profit less investment.

Creativity among the student can nurture by organizing competitions such as logo design and debate. These competitions were part of EDC week. 20 students from different dept. participated in these events.

Ideas from every department was collected through google forms closing on 6th February,2019. There were all together 55 ideas submitted from every department. 17 teams were qualified for round 2.

The final round was held on 13th February, 2019 in Alma Latifi hall where participants gave presentation in front of investor and judges. The judges of the event were Mr. Sanket shah and FE- incharge of our college Dr. Iqbal Ahmed Shaikh. Mr. Sanket Shah is a partner of “vgear” and academic head of “vgyaan”.

The judges then shared their views on entrepreneurship and guided the participants on how they can present their ideas in market and start with their own business. Mr. Sanket Shah delivered a speech about his journey of becoming an entrepreneur and also the investment he had done in various project ideas.

Winners of IIGC were given cash prize (1st position – Rs.3000 and 2nd position – Rs. 2000) along with certificates for top 3 teams. Mr. Sanket Shah impressed the idea of washbands presented by Tambawala mohammed and Tarwala Farhan, students from third year automobile department. He committed to invest and to guide the student washband in their idea implementation.

Winners of IIGC :
1st position- Shaikh Noor Ali, Tajuddin Ansari, Faisal Khan (Topic: utilization of plastic waste and debris)
2nd position- Tambawala Mohammed, Tarwala Farhan (Topic: washbands)
3rd position- Arbaaz Khan, Mudassir Habsi, Abdul Mukit Sarwar (Topic: Innovative solar and convection)

At the outcome, IIGC 2019,E-Week 2019 was a grand success with approximate of 3000 visitors and participants. Commitment by Mr. Sanket Shaha partner of vgear to invest one idea of EDC Cell Washband.We thank our generous ,judges, participants for their support and co-operation.

Success Stories

Following are the start-ups currently run under EDC.


This start-up is run by final year student Mrs. Rumana Shaikh from computer engineering department. Details are given below
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a) Product : HATH

The HATH is a collaborative group of student entrepreneurs and senior professional in multidisciplinary field like engineering, business, and clinical practice who are motivated to develop a prosthetic hand that is able to improve upper extremity amputee function in hopes to increase prosthetic use and reduce prosthetic rejection. The HATH project is constellation of projects related to novel upper-limb prosthetic technology. The mission of HATH is to make a positive difference in the lives of individual with lost upper limbs assisting them in achieving functionality, comfort and a sense of touch through the development and distribution of myoelectric prosthesis system at disruptive rate. Almost 40% price of the existing solutions.

b) Myo - Electric Hand

It’s an advance hand controlled by the users muscle pulses from the residual stump. Its battery powered. It runs on electromyography based advance control mechanism. It has very smooth functioning and precision grasp. Accessories available are Rechargeable battery pack and permanent electrodes.