Revaluation Photocopy

Title Link
Notice SE and TE _AUTO_MECH students DEC-2022 exam Photocopy and revaluation Click here
Notice Reval_Photo copy of DEC-2022 exam_ SE and TE Comp_IT_CSE_AIML Students Click here
NOTICE-FE Sem. II R-19 JUNE-2022 exam Photocopy n Revaluation Click here
Photo & Revaluation of IT_EXTC_ELEX_CSE-AIML branch Answer books of MAY-2022 exam Click here
MU Circular BE Sem. VIII MAY-2022 exam Photocopy_Revaluation Click here
SE Sem III to TE Sem. VI MAY-2022 exam Answer book _Photocopy_ Revaluation Notice Click here
BE Sem. VII_VIII MAY-2022 exam Answer book Photocopy_Revaluation Click here