From Principal’s Desk

Dr. Shaikh Javed Habib

(I/C Principal)

Dear Readers,

Our institution which is committed to achieving academic excellence by imparting quality technical education is also focused on the overall development of the personality of the students.Students who thrive in the academic environment of the college are also exposed to a barrage of information from various sources such as internet ,media or interaction with the peers.This enable them to develop their own perceptions and convictions about various societal,emotional and national issues which also triggers their creative thinking.

Our Institution primarily intends to home the latent literary potential in students providing an ideal platform for them to channelise their creative outbursts and lend expression to their and feeling on various aspects in an uninhibited manner. Development of such soft skills also help them to retain an edge in their highly competitive professional life.

The exponential growth in information and communication related technologies in the recent past has brought about dramatic changes in various aspects of human life and led to the creation of a knowledge based society where knowledge is the most powerful tool for success.In the context,keeping abreast of latest technical advances in various fields has become a dire need of the hour

It must be appreciated that in this prestigious institution,students are the key players.the quality of knowledge is largely dependant on the inputs received from the students.Though we are highly appreciative of the worthy contributions from the students,it is our strong feeling that the response from the student in this student-centric activity is quite appalling and leaves a yawning gap in our expectations.

At the end, I would like to thank all the driving members for their continued support for this institution.