From Director's Desk

Dr. Mohiuddin Ahmed


Since its inception in 1984, M.H.S.S College of Engineering has been at the forefront of technical education contributing towards development of the nation by grooming engineers who are socially conscious leaders, managers and entrepreneurs—more importantly worthy citizens who contribute to make a strong and civilized society.

The main objective of the institute has been to create an environment of effective teaching-learning by encouraging the students and faculty to nurture their intellectual curiosity and scientific and research temperament.

At M.H.S.S.College of Engineering beyond the prescribed curriculum we encourage our students to address challenges of societal needs and look for possible solutions by providing them resources to investigate, the freedom to experiment and the encouragement to excel . The 50+ awards and recognition received by our students at the national and international level is a testimony to this fact.

The role of our experienced faculty has been pivotal in the success we have achieved. They have been instrumental in ensuring participant centric pedagogies and teaching methods in classrooms, while at the same time contributed significantly to the world of academia and research in their respective areas of expertise.

Lastly but most importantly, our extensive alumni network has ensured significant representation in the corporate world providing a strong industry interface giving us real time feedback and suggestions on the need of the industry.

We at Anjuman-i-Islam's M. H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering make sure that students should not lag due to financial constraints, our students get all the opportunities in terms of scholarships, financial support through different ways and means, and excel in their endeavors for which we appreciate the supports of philanthropists, well-wishers and alumni.

With the pillars of our foundation being strong, I am confident that we will continue to soar new heights and breach new milestones in the years to come.