From Chairmans's Desk

Dr. Aslam Khan

Chairman, BVTE, Anjuman-l-Islam

Dear Aspirant,

I am happy to see your interest in Anjuman-I-Islam's M. H. Saboo Siddik   College of Engineering (MHSSCOE). We have been providing quality   technical education since 1984. One of the oldest self finance Engineering   College in Mumbai.

MHSSCOE envisions creating a transformative educational experience   for its students with special emphasis on deep disciplinary knowledge,  problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills to meet career  challenges in the increasingly globalized competitions.

The institute is committed and supported by its management in all its  endeavors to empower its students to fulfill their academic and   professional passions with diverse knowledge. The co-curricular and   extra-curricular activities create an ambiance for students who are   talented and gifted to achieve their dreams, passions, and goals in the ever-changing world. Students centric and faculty-driven initiatives help students to pursue their interests, aptitude, engineering  principles, and values. MHSSCOE always maintains a level of excellence and standards in all its  programs that give students state-wide, nationwide, and global significance. Let anyone term all this a  tall claim but I can vouch for it as I am the alumnus of this legendary institution.  We are working hard to achieve following goals to meet the international standards of quality in our  campus:

1.Offer Honors and Minors to equip the students for the industry's new challenges. Here for Honors  degree, as per AICTE a student will be able to take a specialization in EMERGING AREAS of SAME  COURSE and earn extra credits. The degree will be for example Mechanical Engineering with  specialization in Robotics. Whereas for minors, a student will be allowed to take a course from other  Department by way of earning extra credits. AICTE and Mumbai University guidelines will remain  applicable for such degrees.

2. Upgrade the existing Innovation and Entrepreneurship activities through Industry contacts.  Available resources and industrial relations will be strengthened. 

3. Enhance the Foreign University collaboration through Overseas Friends of Anjuman (OFA), a  subsidiary of Anjuman-I-Islam in the USA.