EDC Events

EDC Week

It is two days events, includes business carnival, IPL Auction, Logo Design and inspirational seminars on Entrepreneur. In business carnival food stall competition encourage regarding marketing and mindset of costumer. Even students get an idea about budget and planning of project.

Innovative Idea Generation Competition (IIGC)

Innovative Idea Generation Competition organised by EDC since 2017.To spark the idea from the budding Entrepreneur and pitch their own idea is the objective of EDC Cell. There were three domains and each domain in charges shortlisted idea on criteria’s socio-economic Sustainable Development, cost effective, market feasibility, Environmental Friendliness.

The first round was elimination on the basis of abstracts done at departmental level. An idea abstract of every participant was forwarded to their respective departments and was judged by the EDC staff co-ordinators and project heads of that Department. Final round judged by the judges from industries and outside academia.