Alumni Transcripts

Instructions For Transcript Request

  • Kindly prepare Transcripts (2 copies) and produce (if format is not available, please download relevant specimen copy)
  • Keep following documents ready for verification of the Transcripts:
    a) Original Marksheets from Sem 1 to Sem 8 (or Sem 3 to Sem 8 for Diploma students)
    b) Leaving Certificate (LC)
    - Template 1 for SGPI & CGPI based results - Click here
    - Template 2 for percentage based results - Click here
  • Student should come with all the above documents (hard copy) and get each and every page of transcript verified from Head of respective department. Kindly note that each and every value should be tick (✓) by verification authority.
  • Contact Mr. Firoz Sayyed from office with
    1. Transcripts (verified copy)
    2. Transcripts (after verification corrected final copy) and
    3. Application to request Principal stating the purpose for applying with branch, name and contact details.
  • Transcripts will be ready by 20 working days and office will intimate student accordingly.

Note: Maintain all formatting (including margins) in the given template.