Alumni Activities

Contribution from Alumni:
Over of the last couple of years, our alumni have contributed to the institute in following ways:

1. Expert speaker: Alumni are invited to take guest lectures and seminars with respect to their expert domains. Many of them conducted workshops to share practical knowledge. They have been called to attend annual convocation program.

2. Faculty: Few alumni were visiting faculty in the Institute to share their industrial experience and they have helped students to prepare for various competitions.

3. Mentor: Few Alumni were designated mentors for Smart India Hackathon (SIH) competition and they have helped students in winning accolades.

4. IQAC: Alumni are a part of IQAC(Internal Quality Assurance Cell) and their inputs are considered valuable for quality improvement.

5. Event Organizer: Few alumni have contributed for organizing state level 24 hours Hackathon Err_404 (October, 2017) ,Hackathon Err_404 2.0(March, 2019), Hackathon Err_404 Hack evolution(March,2020) and ACM Hackathon(March,2020). Many of them have acted as mentors for teams and some were designated as Final Jury.

7. Placements: Alumni facilitate student placements by recommending institute to their companies or some of them are entrepreneurs directly recruiting aspirants.

8. DAB Member: Alumni are also members of our DAB (Departmental Advisory committee) committees. Their expertise helps us to mould our students into industry ready form.

9. Project Guidance: Alumni are called in project guidance seminar to help students in selecting their project domains.

10. Financial Contributions: Some of our alumni have paid fees of needy and poor students.