Location : 1st Floor, room no 103

Scope : No theoretical stress formulation is acceptable howsoever mathematically may be it correct, unless validated by the experiments. The knowledge of experimentation, instrumentation, interpretation of experimental data to arrive at precise conclusion needs practice and skills. The experimental set up and the loading pattern are chosen so as to match with the assumptions in the derivations and thus reducing the errors in experimental and theoretical results. The various types of loads like axial, transverse for shear and flexure, torque for torsional shear are applied on the IS standard test specimens to study the requisite types of stresses and deformations and correlate it to the theory and understand the basic difference among them.
The best way to learn Solid Mechanics is through the experimental observations and translating it to the analytical model.

Major Equipment :
1. Universal Testing Machine (UTM) 2. Hardness Testing Machine (Rockwell and Brinell) 3. Torsion Testing Machine 4. Compression Testing Machine 5. Impact Testing Machine

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Ashutosh Dabli

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Moin Khan

Location : 1st Floor, room no 104

Scope : This laboratory focuses on characteristics of engineering material with aim of learning their physical, mechanical, dimensional and chemical properties. The lab is well equipped for non destructive testings of concrete.

Major Equipment :
1. Impermeability apparatus. 2. Ductility testing m/c. 3. Acceleration curing tank. 4. Rebound hammer. 5. Ultrasonic pulse velocity. 6.Compression testing m/c with flexure attachment. 7. Marshall Stability Test . 8. Tile Abrasion testing m/c. 9. Los Angeles abrasion testing m/c.

Laboratory Incharge : Dr. Shagufta Sayed

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Irshad Khan

Location : 4th Floor, room no 401B

Scope : The aim of Geotechnical Engineering Lab is to teach the students about testing of soils to determine the properties of soils. The properties of soils are physical, index and engineering properties. The geotechnical engineering lab is well equipped with instruments to determine these properties.

Major Equipment :
1. Consolidation Test apparatus with LVDT 2. Direct shear test apparatus 3. Triaxial set up apparatus. 4. CBR apparatus 5. Universal permeability apparatus 6. Compaction Test apparatus for light and heavy compaction 7. Similarly other equipments for determining the physical and index properties of soils.

Laboratory Incharge : Prof.Mohammad Rafi Khan

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Siddhartha Sadavarte

Location : 4th Floor, room no 401A

Scope : The object of this lab is to familiarize the students about identification of rock forming minerals and rocks. Hence, sufficient specimens of minerals and rocks are made available in lab. A centre table is there for comfortable study of properties of minerals and rocks. Geological models are also available in lab to explain about structural geology.

List Of Experiments :
1. To study physical properties of minerals. 2. Identification of minerals 3. Identification of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks 4. Study of Geological Maps

Laboratory Incharge : Prof.Mohammad Rafi Khan

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Siddhartha Sadavarte

Location : 3rd Floor, room no 311

Scope : The laboratory aims in imparting knowledge on basic experiments of surveying such as chaining, ranging, offsetting, compass surveying, leveling, horizontal and vertical angle measurement. A survey project is organised to apply the concepts of surveying on filed. The survey project includes field survey for Block contouring, Profile levelling and Radial Contouring.

Major Equipment :
1. Auto level
2. Transit Theodolite
3. Plane table and its accessories for plane table survey
4. Conventional and Digital planimeter
5. Laser level
6. Total station.

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Chainani D M

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Nandan Bhaskar Jadhav

Location : 1st Floor, room no 105

Scope : Engineering Mechanics Laboratory is meant for providing First Year Engineering students the opportunity to perform experiments and verify laws of mechanics and also to understand the application of the theory covered in course of Engineering mechanics. It will also help in visualizing basic forces and mechanisms involved in engineering design.

Major Equipment :
1. Polygon of forces apparatus 2. Simply supported Beam 3. Bell crank apparatus 4. Friction plane apparatus 5. Simple Pendulum and Compound Pendulum

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Shabbir G Burhanpurwala

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Moin Khan

Location : Ground Floor, Jimba Bai Building

Scope : In Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics laboratory there is a range of experimental set-ups through which students can perform experiments related to flow of fluid through closed pipes and open channels. In addition, in this laboratory, students get an experience to understand the working of various hydraulics machines like Pelton Wheel Turbine, Francis Turbine, Centrifugal Pump and Reciprocal Pump.

Major Equipment :
1. Hydraulics Bench consisting of Flow through Open Channel & Flow through Pipes 2. Tilting Flume 4.0 Meter long 3. Minor and Major Losses Through Pipes setup 4. Reynold’s Apparatus 5. Laminar and Turbulent flow setup 6. Pelton Wheel and Francis Turbine 7. Centrifugal and Reciprocal Pump

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. : Asif Mazhar Ansari

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Nandan Bhaskar Jadhav

Location : 4th Floor, room no 407

Scope : This laboratory focuses on learning testing procedure for water, wastewater, air, noise along with solid waste as physical [ colour, odour turbidity, temperature] , chemical[ hardness, pH, alkalinity, chloride, break point of chlorination, DO, BOD, COD] and biological[ MPN ] .

Major Equipment :
1. Jar Test Apparatus
2. BOD Incubator 3. Muffle Furnace 4. Hot air oven 5. COD Digester 6. pH Meter 7. Digital weighing balance 8. DO meter 9. High Volume Air Sampler 10. Noise level meter

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. : Rabia Sameen

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Siddhartha Sadavarte

Location : Central Building, 4th Floor

Scope : Project Lab is the computational lab in the department that provides necessary facilities to the students to complete their final year projects. The Lab helps with the necessary software and expertise to the students of civil engineering department to become computer proficient in this field.

Facilities available :
Number of Computer Terminals: 25 nos of Computers in Project Lab
Number of Terminals on LAN/WAN: 25 nos
Supporting Software: Windows 7, Windows 10, MS office 2000. Institute has ordered various other softwares under recent modernization program such as STAAD PRO, AUTOCADD, REVIT etc.
Peripherals: Each computer is supplied with mouse, Key boards and other necessary accessories. Other peripherals are: Laser Printers – 1

Laboratory Incharge : Prof. Shabbir Burhanpurwala

Lab. Assistant : Mr. Moin Khan

Lab Attendant: Mr. Tanveer Khan