This laboratory focuses on basic and necessary electric components used in Automobile such as Battery, starter motor, Alternator etc. Also the study of electronic – components and systems of car

Lab Incharge : Er. Abubakar Galgali

Major Equipments :
1. Lead Acid Batteries, Battery charger
2. Engine operation simulator (Training module)
3. Emission control systems (Training module)
4. Electronic Fuel injection system (Training module)

CAD / CAM laboratory is well equipped with high end software’s namely Solid Works Anysys, Fluent

Lab Incharge : Er. Sameer Khan

This laboratory focuses on learning different basic components of heat transfer practically such as conduction, convection and radiation

Lab Incharge: Er. Khalid Usmani

Major Equipments
1. Heat exchanger setup
2. Thermal conductivity of metal rod setup
3. Thermal conductivity of insulating powder setup
4. Natural convection setup
5. Forced convection setup
6. Emissivity measurement setup
7. Heat pipe set-up
8. Unsteady state Equipment setup

This laboratory focus on engine performance & testing and learning advances in engine and pollution control norms

Lab Incharge : Dr. Ashok Dhale

Major Equipments
1. Two cylinder diesel engine
2. Four cylinder turbocharged diesel engine
3. Four cylinder petrol engine
4. Single cylinder two stroke petrol engine

Students will be able to understand the working/application of
1. Speed control of fuel supply in the Engine.
2. Gyroscopic torque in various applications, like balancing of automotive, naval ships etc

Lab Incharge : Er. Ahrar Ahmed

Major Equipments
1. Mechanical Governor
2. Motorised Gyroscope
3. Balancing Apparatus
4. Vibration Lab
5. Whirling of Shaft setup

This laboratory is set to perform engine and vehicle diagnosis practical’s that deal with the learning concepts practically.

Lab Incharge : Er. Shaikh Ibrahim

Major Equipments
1. Wheel Alignment machine
2. Wheel Balancing machine
3. OBD Scanner
4. Tyre changing machine
5. Fuel injection pump machine

This laboratory is set to perform disassembly and assembly of automotive systems which includes detailed study about sub assemblies and function of different components

Lab Incharge: Er. Anup Chawan

Major Equipments
1. Synchromesh gear box
2. Constant mesh gear box
3. Differential
4. Steering gear box
5. Brakes