Faculty Profile



Qualification : M Tech (Mechanical Engg)

Email : usmanimk@gmail.com

Academic Background

PhD (Pursuing) , ICT (UDCT) , Matunga , Mumbai

M Tech (Mechanical Engg) , ZHCET, AMU , Aligarh

BSc Engg (Mechanical Engg) , ZHCET, AMU, Aligarh 

Research Interests

Heat and Fluid Flow, Concentrated & Photovoltaic Solar Systems 

Work Experience

Working as Teaching Faculty at MHSSCE, Mumbai since 1997 

Affiliations with Professional Bodies



Participated in one week online course on "R programming" organised by Fr. C. Rodrigues Institute of Technology, Vashi , in association with "Spoken Tutorial IITB", Mumbai during 18th to 23rd May, 2020.

International Journal

  1. M Khalid Usmani et al., "Heat transfer studies during natural convection boiling in an internally heated annulus", International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, vol. 46, 1085-1095, 2003.

National Conference

  1. M Khalid Usmani, Mohammad Rafiq B, Dr Sanjay Kumar, "Open and Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipes : A Review", Advancements & Futuristic Trends In Mechanical And Industrial Engineering, Souvenir, 28, 12-13 November, 2010.

  2. Mohammad Rafiq B, Dr Ajoy Kumar and M Khalid Usmani, "Review of Pulsating Heat Pipe Mechanism", Advances in Heat and Mass Transfer, Proceedings, 97-101, October 30-31.

  3. M Altamush Siddiqui, N Talib, N Akhtar, K Ashraf & K Usmani, "Heat and Fluid Flow Studies on A Natural Circulation Solar Water Heater", ALTERNATE SOURCES OF ENERGY, Proceedings of the Ninth National Convention of Mechanical Engineers, 124-130, October 15-17, 1993.

International Conference

  1. M. Khalid Usmani et al., "Circulation rate of water during natural convection boiling in an internally heated annulus", Vth ISHMT-ASME , Heat and Mass Transfer Conference, Proceedings, 571-576, January 3-5, 2002.


Conducted session on "Heat Exchangers" in the Department of Mechanical Engg, YTCEM, on 12th October, 2011. 

UG Level

Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics , Fluid Mechanics, Vehicle Maintenance, Finite Element Analysis

Workshop / Seminar / STTP Attended

  • Basic Meshing and Basic Optistruct By Altair Hypermesh organized by DesignTech Systems Ltd from 08th Jun - 12th Jun, 2015 MHSSCE, Mumbai.
  • International Conference on "Eco-Friendly Technologies for Sustainable Growth" organized by MHSSCE from 27th Mar - 28th Mar, 2014 MHSSCE, Byculla, Mumbai.
  • National Conference on "Emerging Trends in Engineering" organized by MHSSCE from 04th Jan - 05th Jan, 2013 MHSSCE, Byculla, Mumbai.
  • Two-week ISTE Workshop on Computational Fluid Dynamics , Conducted by IIT Bombay organized by IITB/PIIT from 11th Jun - 21st Jun, 2012 MES's Pillai's Institute of Information Technology, New Panvel.
  • National Workshop on "Overview of Matlab in Engineering" organized by MHSSCE from 20th May - 21st May, 2012 MHSSCE, Byculla, Mumbai.
  • ISTE Approved One week STTP on "Advances in Thermal Engineering" organized by RGIT(Mech Engg Dept), Mumbai & RELIANCE Energy (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) from 21st Jun - 25th Jun, 2010 RGIT, Mumbai.
  • Workshop on "Advances in Turbine & Boiler Design &Maintenance Practices" organized by RGIT(Mech Engg Dept), Mumbai & RELIANCE Energy (Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group) from 22nd Jun - 24th Jun, 2010 Dahanu Thermal Power Station, Dahanu, Thane..
  • ISTE Approved STTP on "Renewable Energy Systems & Technology" organized by ISTE Chapter KJSCE, Mechanical Engg Dept. from 29th Jun - 03rd Jul, 2009 K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering, Vidyavihar, Mumbai.
  • Two-week, ISTE Approved STTP on "Eco Friendly" organized by ISTE Chapter MHSSCE from 17th Dec - 29th Dec, 2006 MHSSCE , Byculla , Mumbai-8.
  • Two-week ISTE approved STTP on "Autocad-2000 & Internet" organized by MHSSCE , ISTE Chapter from 16th Apr - 02nd May, 2000 MHSSCE , Byculla , Mumbai.