Faculty Profile



Qualification : M.E( Electronics & Telecommunication)

Email : amaroct@gmail.com

Academic Background

1) M.E(Electronics & Telecommunication), From Mahatma Gandhi Missions college of Engineering Kamothe , Agrregate 64.65% (First Class) Year of Passing 2011 University of Mumbai

2) BE(Electronics & Telecommunication), From Vidarbha Youth Welfare Society's College of Engineering ,Badnera, Agrregate 63.33% (First Class)Year of Passing 2000, Amravati University.

3) Higher Secondary School Certificate , Rural Institute of Technology , Aggregate 78.50%(Distinction), Year of Passing 1995, Amravati Board

4) Secondary School Certificate , Dynmata High School , Aggregate 73.86%(First Class), Year of Passing 1993, Amravati Board


Research Interests

Wireless communication , low cost environment friendly projects, oil water seperator, smart home, Image detection and identification , Electricity theft

Work Experience

1) Mohd Haji Saboo Siddik College of Engineering , Working as Assistant Professor in Electronics Engineering Department  since  August 2008.

2) Rizvi college of Engineering ,Worked as lecturer in  Electronics Engineering Department from 1st July 2005 to 13 August 2008.

3) Data Meghe College of Engineering, Worked as Assistant  Lecturer from 25th September 2003 to 31st May 2005 .


Affiliations with Professional Bodies

ISTE Life Membership No.LM 47830

International Journal

  1. AMAR SURESHRAO PAWADE, "Power Theft Detection using Wireless system:A distributed Approach For Theft Prevention", GIAP Journal, Vol 1(1),Pg No.58-64, 58-64, IJSTRM-14.

  2. AMAR SURESHRAO PAWADE, "Lung Cancer Detection using Image Processing Technique", IJSRD/ISSN 2321-0613., 2) Vol.3 Issue 02., PP 1364-1366, March 2015.

  3. AMAR SURESHRAO PAWADE, "Alive Human Detector Robot for Rescue operation", IJTRA /e-ISSN 2320-8163, special Issue 39(KCCEMSR), PP 5-7, March 2016.

National Conference

  1. AMAR SURESHRAO PAWADE, "Performance Evaluation of a MAC Protocol based on S-Aloha /DS -CDMA using IEEE 802.15 Channel Model", RTCE -2012 in Association with IEEE, , 35-40, Jan 2012.

International Conference

  1. AMAR SURESHRAO PAWADE, "Throughput and Delay analysis of MAC Protocol based on S-ALOHA /DS-CDMA using wireless personal Area Networks", ICEFT-2014, ISBN:978-93-8335-220-3,, pg no.343-348, March 2014.

  1. Minor Research Grant of Rs. 20000/- procured from University of Mumbai for research project on 'Wireless Rover For Data Acquisition of Locating Artefacts for Archaeologists', for duration of One Year in the academic year 2019-20.

UG Level

 Basic of Electrical and Electronics Engg, Digital Design, Computer organization and Architecture, Computer Communication Network, Advanced Networking Technology,Engineering electromagnetics, AMVLSI, Industrilal Electronics(Mechanical/Automobile), Mechatronics.

Workshop / Seminar / STTP Attended

  • WRO Incorporating Universal Human Values in Higher Education(An AICTE Initiative) organized by AICTE from 13th May - 17th May, 2020 Online .
  • FDP on "Research,Funding & IPR" organized by Dept of E&TC, IQAC and R & D Cell from 06th May - 09th May, 2020 KCCEMSR, Thane.
  • online Webinar Series on "IT and IPR 2020": organized by IQAC from 04th May - 07th May, 2020 Shree L. R Tiwari College of Engineering.
  • Completion of Python 3.4.3 Training organized by Spoken Tutorial Project , IIT Bombay,MHRD ,G.O.I from 25th Apr - 29th Apr, 2020 AIKTC.
  • "Internet of Things" under ATAL Academy organized by AICTE from 20th Apr - 24th Apr, 2020 NITTTR, Chandigarh.
  • Project Based Learning organized by Faculty of Technology, University of Mumbai & UNESCO , Denmark in Association with UOM from 09th Jan - 10th Jan, 2015 iMEET khalapur.
  • Introduction of Research Methodology organized by IIT Bombay under (MHRD. GOI ) from 24th Jun - 03rd Jul, 2012 PIIT.
  • Overview of Matlab in Engineering organized by MHSSCE/ Academic from 19th Jan - 20th Jan, 2012 MHSSCE.

Workshop / Seminar / STTP Conducted

  • One day Workshop on "FPGA and Soft Processors" on 19th Jan, 2018 organized by SKEP & TIFR.

Training Course

1)   One Day Orientation Program on subject "Digital System Design-II" held at PVPPCOE, Mumbai dated March 2009.

2) 1 Week ISTE & IETE Approved STTP on "PIC Controllers & Arm Processors" Held at PVPPCOE,Mumbai dated Jan 2010.

3) 2 days National Workshop on "Overview of Matlab in Engineering" Held at MHSSCOE dated Jan 2012.

4) 2 Week  ISTE Workshop on "Introduction to Research Methodology" conducted by IIT      Bombay under MHRD,GOI  at Pillai Institute of I.T dated July  2012

5 ) Certificate of Participation in "Two day National Conference on Emerging Trends in         Engineering" held at MHSSCE dated Jan 2013.

6) Certificate of Participation in the "102nd Indian Science Congress" Held at University of Mumbai dated Jan 2015.

 7) Two days National Workshop on "Project Based Learning(PBL)" in Association with Faculty of Technology, University of Mumbai,UNESCO & Aalborg University ,Denmark at Vishwaniketan's Campus dated Jan 2015.

8) One Week ISTE Approved STTP on "BIG Data Analytics" held at M.H Saboo Siddik COE Dated Nov 2016.

9) 2 Day workshop on "Research for Resurgence" at IIT Bombay dated Nov 2016.

10) One Week FDP on "Enhancing Analytical Skills in Basic Electronics" organised by Dept. of Electronics Engineering in Collaboration with UOM ,at VIT, Mumbai dated July 2017.

11) Certificate of Participation in the MSP430 -online contest by TI University Program dated Aug 2018.

12 ) AICTE Sponsored  One Week STTP on "Front End VLSI Design and Verification"organized by Electronics Engineering Dept. SPIT, Mumbai dated June 2019.

13 ) One day FDP on "Preparing Students for Projeect Management" organized by TCS  Dated July 2019.

14) One day FDP on "SWOT ANALYSIS" organized by TCS  Dated July 2019.

15 ) Certificate of Participation in the MSP430 -online contest by TI University Program dated March 2019.

16)  1 week Training  on "Training for all Employability Skills for Industry 4.0" under UKIERI Dated 27Jan -31 Jan 2020.

17)Completed Training on Python 3.4.3 organised by Spoken Tutorial Project, IIT Bombay  Dated 25th April-29th April 2020,AIKTC.

18) Completed Gustovalley Technovation’s Online Training on Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which was Conducted from 08/05/2020 to 10/05/2020.