Er. Mohammed Zubair

Head of Department

Department of Humanities and Applied Science plays a vital role in an engineering college catering to the teaching of basic Sciences and Humanities courses for engineering students of all branches. The purpose of Applied Sciences in Engineering study is to lay a strong foundation of basic principles of various disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills in the mind of the learners, so that they proceed to rest of their years of study with up to date knowledge and training of basic engineering skills. There are five faculty members with department and one faculty member is pursuing Ph.D. Faculty members are having the reputation not only to cover complete syllabus but to motivate students to learn beyond the syllabus which definitely develops complete knowledge of the subject (both the practical and theoretical depth of knowledge).

We, at MHHCOE are proud to possess a highly qualified staff which is totally dedicated and is always striving to perceive and resolve students’ queries so that the overall personality of the student can be groomed in such a manner that they pass out as Industry Ready Professionals.

As the department deals with first year students prominently, a special attention is paid to bring homogeneity among students coming from different social, linguistic and financial background. Sincere steps are taken to mould them in to professional course by way of paying attention to their academic discipline, punctuality, vocabulary and responsible behavior. Staff members are achieving this transformation though their action and regular interaction. One additional responsibility that staff members performs silently is to make learners aware about the dos and don’ts of credit and grading system and other university rules and regulations to which they are dealing with for the first time in their life.

The teaching module comprises lectures, tutorials practical and remedial lectures wherever needed. The methodology adopted in the classroom teaching is based on application of innovative strategies, comprehensive lectures, regular assignments and interaction between teachers and students.

Our Vision

To bring out the whole Muslim Community from the quagmire of poverty and educational backwardness and encourage, enlighten and prepare all its members to be useful citizens who will contribute to make a prosperous, healthy and strong nation and to promote national integration by giving equal opportunity to all communities for their promotion and progress.

Our Mission

To impart quality higher technical education to the students of Muslim Community in particular and to students of all other communities to be competent, dedicated and responsible citizens who shall also be the harbingers of secularism and national integration to the complete satisfaction of all stake holders.


  • To strengthen students fundamentals.
  • To bring homogeneity among students of different social, linguistic and financial background.
  • To mould students towards professional education.


  • Students become fundamentally strong.
  • They develop ability to adjust with multiculture environment.
  • Students develop themselves to adjust with professional and corporate sector.


  • Five faculty members with Ph.D. and one member pursuing Ph.D.
  • Twenty eight research papers in International and National Journals by faculty members.
  • Excellent retention of faculty members.

Highlights and Best Practice

  • Faculty Diary is maintained by all the members.
  • Remedial lectures are taken on a regular basis.
  • Staff members are self motivated for higher studies and improvement of qualifications.

Academic Calendar


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Latest News

IAE KT Sem I & II to be held on 15/02/2020 and 29/02/2020
IAE – I to be held on 17/02/2020, 18/02/2020 and 20/02/2020
Revision lectures for all subjects held on 13/02/2020 and 14/02/2020
FE IT students won first prize in IIGC competition in Efkairia (EDC Week) held at MHSSCOE.

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