National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)

MMHSSCOE-EDC sign MOU with National Entrepreneurship Network in 2017.

Two Faculty Trained Through DST Sponsored Faculty Development Programme in Entrepreneurship organized by NEN in Saradar Patel Institute of Technology Dr. Ravindra C. Patil, Er. Nazneen Pendhari

National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) inspires, educates and supports student entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs for creating high-value jobs in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Kenya and Mexico, operating in association with governments, corporates, mentors, investors and educational institutes.

NEN Entrepreneurship Support Programs through expert resources – investors, mentors, educators & coaches.

The course consists of 7 modules. Up to module 100 was conducted in campus .

WFNEN 100 - Orientation in Entrepreneurship
WFNEN 101 – Basic program in Entrepreneurship
WFNEN 102 - Intermediate program in Entrepreneurship
WFNEN 103 – Advanced program in Entrepreneurship.
WFNEN 104, WFNEN 105 AND WFNEN 106 will be conducted outside the college.

Some of the students attended these courses.

Navayuvak Entrepreneur

The vision of Navayuvak Entrepreneurs (NEPL), Mumbai is to create and develop India’s Entrepreneurship education ecosystem. Navayuvak Entrepreneur aims to become a stop hub for start-up as they are the pioneers in working for start-up ecosystem at ground level. NEPL collaborated with the institute those are doing some real good work and are keen on taking the entrepreneurship development to the next level. NEPL sign MOU with E-Cell for the period 2019-21 to our institute.

Kayosa Edutech

Edtech Investors, “Kaysoa Edutech Pvt Ltd”, have invested in us with WASHBAND firm of our student.